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Material Specifications - Special Metals Design & Dimension Information
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      Stainless Steel Channel
Channel is available as roll formed sections in stainless steel, conforming to ASTM A 240, type 304 or ASTM A 240, type 316 .
To order add "S4" or "S6" to channel designation . Examples: FS12158NSS4, FS12158NSS6 .
Aluminum Channel
Channel is available as extruded aluminum sections type 6063T6, conforming to ASTM B221 .
To order add "AL" to channel designation .
Example: FS12158NSAL
Stainless Steel Nuts (Channel Type)
Channel Nuts are available in type 316 Stainless Steel . - Sintered 316 - “Domestic Nut” ASTM: B783
- Bar Stock 316 - “Import Nut” ASTM: A240
To order add "S6" to nut designation . Example: CNR20025S6
Aluminum Nuts (Channel Type)
Available by special order . Consult factory for details ASTM B221 .
Aluminum Stainless and Copper Plated Pipe Clamps
Pipe Clamps are available from stock in Stainless Steel types 304 and 316 and by special order in Aluminum and Copper Plated . Consult factory for details .
Aluminum Engineering Data
To determine the appropriate beam load capacity for extruded Aluminum Channel Sections . To determine the approximate pull out slip load of Channel Nuts in extruded Aluminum Channel sections, refer to this catalog and multiply the resistance to slip value by 75% and the resistance to pull out value by 50% .
Stainless Steel Engineering Data
The properties of section for stainless steel channels are the same as shown for mild steel channel . Load ratings for stainless steel channel meet or exceed corresponding mild steel ratings published throughout this catalog .
The majority of fittings, are designed to engage at the face of continuous slot channel sections, anywhere along this 1-5⁄8" surface . Incorporation of either the "H" (9⁄16" holes 1-7⁄8" on center) or the "SS" (9⁄16" x 1-1⁄8" - 2" on center short slot) configuration has been considered in the fittings' design,especially in hole spacing
and placement .
Unless otherwise indicated:
• Width: 1-5⁄8" (1.625") unless otherwise specified.
• Thickness: 1⁄4" (material utilized is within nominal tolerance range) .
• Lengths: As specified on drawing(s).
• Hole Dimension: 9⁄16" (unless specified otherwise).
• Hole Placement: 9⁄16" Diameter holes are aligned along a single or single intersecting centerline ( ), which bisects the 1-5⁄8" (1.625") wide material (flat stock) dimension.
• Hole Lead-In/Centering: The 9⁄16" Diameter holes are located in from leading edges (leading edge to hole center) 13⁄16" (0 .813") . This lead-in dimension controls subsequent center to center positioning and unless otherwise specified or controlled by a fittings gross dimension along a specific axis, field holes are 1-7⁄8" (1 .875") center to center along the material's centerline
( ) . Dimension from trailing hole center to trailing edge will also be 13⁄16" (0 .813") . (ref drawing: A)
• Bend Design: Design of each individual bend in this wide selection of fittings has been developed to maximize the material's strength while reducing stress at those bend points . This allows for cohesive nesting with the formed edge radiuses of the channel sections . This design detail provides a minimum tolerance envelope to assure a clean accurate fit and ease of assembly into structural strut/fitting elements.
• FLAT FITTINGS: Without any bend from that single plane: For use with channel sections: arranged and co-dependently utilized in a double axis or parallel single axis, single plane situation .
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9⁄16" 14mm Dia. Typical (Unless Otherwise Noted)
48mm 13⁄16"
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