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The Metal Framing System
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Insert the appropriate Channel Nut with spring, parallel to the slot edges, anywhere along the continuous open slot of the channel .
 Depress the Channel Nut with spring below the in-turned channel edges, rotate one quarter turn clock-wise, perpendicular, and release pressure on the nut .
The Nut will lock in-place, its pyramid grip enhanced grooves aligning with the underside of the channel's in-turned edges; the spring being designed to hold the nut in place during assembly .
4 Properly torquing the bolt draws the Channel Nut with spring up against the in-turned channel lips, forming a strong, secure clamping connection .
Use caution not to bottom the bolt (select one of sufficient length, but not so long as to contact the inside back) . Do not over torque the bolt .
Fitting, bracket, or accessory, is located on the channel face over the Channel Nut with spring .
An appropriate diameter and length of bolt is inserted, and the fitting is adjusted for location at this time.
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